To the Tic Tock You Don’t Stop . . .

What is your absolute favorite musical group? What makes them so special to you?

(originally published on Xanga March 21, 2009)

Man, Color Me Badd be some bad mother fuckers!  The coolest rock n’ roll band eva! They got the style and shit and they the got the moves and shit and they got the attitude and shit! No wonder they get all the bitches and shit! My boi be tellin’ me the other day “man, them guyz be fagz” so I punched him right the fuck out then sodomized his ass to show him who the real fag was. He said, “yeah it’s you mother fucker” then I all had to explain it to him and shit, you know like my momma always said –  “rape ain’t about the sex, it’s about the violence man”. Or was that “don’t play ball in the house”? Oh well – tomato, tomahto.

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