The Kennedy Assassination

A Conspiracy

(originally published on Xanga October 21, 2009)

The date was November 21, 1963 and young Bobby Anderson, aged 10, was carrying his sleeping bag up the walkway of his friend Charlie Kauffman’s house. As he got to the front steps, Charlie opened the door. “Did your mom say it was all right to sleep over?” he asked.

“Yes,” Bobby answered.

“Well, what are you standing out there for? Come on in.”  Charlie was an odd looking child with pointed ears, canine-like incisors, and menacing hair (if you can imagine such a thing). Upon showing Bobby to his bedroom he said, “I’ll be right back.”

As Bobby began unrolling his sleeping bag, two mischievous bats found their way into the room. “Get away,” he said, swatting at them. They disregarded his request and belligerently hovered around his head, grazing his hair with their wings.

Charlie returned. “Don’t worry Bobby,” he said, “they’re just my parents.” He turned to the bats, “You can go now Mom and Dad.”

“Sure thing son,” his dad said

His mother whispered to Bobby, “We’ll get you when Charlie’s asleep” and they exited.

Bobby felt uneasy the rest of the night, keeping a constant eye on the door and the windows. Charlie was asleep now and he was all alone. In the corner of the ceiling, opposite the door, a speck of white light began to erode the darkness, expanding into a spider web. A tall, silhouetted figure in an over-sized top hat stepped out from the threads. He removed his hat and spoke.

“Oswald is innocent,” he said.

“Oswald?” Bobby asked.

“It was the Swedes,” said the specter. “Oswald will be the scapegoat. Swedish spies have contracted with a man named Jack Ruby to assassinate him before the trial.”

“What trial?”

A look of concern came across the specter’s face. He put his hat back on and quickly dissolved himself back into the dark. Charlie awoke with glowing red eyes, his incisors now protruding from his lips as he crawled towards Bobby.

“My mommy and daddy said you’re a bad little boy.”

President John Fitzgerald Kennedy was shot and killed in Dallas the next day. To this day there has been no official recognition of the Swedish government’s involvement.


I’m not even close to that age.

Posted 10/26/2009 at 10:40 AM by Connorryan

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