Paris Attacks

The Real Villain
11/14/2015 05:00pm

Once again there has been a terrorist attack and once again people in the Western world are exploiting it to promote hatred for Islam. Before we start criticizing the Jihadist warriors, let us consider the root cause here. Islam is a religion of peace. But even peaceful people can be pushed into violence when subjected to ongoing oppression. France’s Islamophobia is well known. A decade or so ago they banned headscarves in public places and recent studies have shown that Muslims candidates are five times less likely to be granted a job interview than Jews or Catholics. This has led to widespread unemployment among France’s Muslim community. As ridiculous as it sounds, employers would rather have the perpetrators of Spanish Inquisition, the Crusades, and numerous abortion clinic bombings working for them than qualified, highly skilled individuals who happen to be of the Muslim faith. Is it any wonder that young, hopeless, unemployed Muslims might be compelled to join an interest group like ISIS?

Before everyone starts criticizing so-called “radical Islam”, let us recognize who the real villain is here – actor Rob Lowe. During the height of the attacks this insensitive, racist, inhuman piece of garbage had the audacity to tweet “Oh, NOW France closes its borders” (his emphasis, not mine). Now I can understand the desperate actions of desperate people. I, of course, don’t agree with or support terrorism for any reason. I can, however, forgive people who were broken by the inhumane conditions forced upon them. What I can’t forgive is hate speech such as that expressed by Rob Lowe. His vile disregard for the plight of Syrian refugees and xenophobic sentiments are the very things that incite the type of violent attacks that happened yesterday in France. In an ideal world, this sonovabitch would be put on trial for crimes against humanity. Unfortunately, the most for which we can hope is his blacklisting in Hollywood. Maybe not the outcome I’d prefer but, if it precludes St. Elmo’s Fire II from getting produced, then I suppose we should just be grateful for that much and chalk it up as a win.